Get Informed

Staying Informed

There are so many resources to stay in touch with what your representatives in local, state, and federal governments are up to! Find a reputable website, podcast, news show, or email newsletter that works for you. Building time into your daily routine to check out the news can help you keep up without feeling overwhelmed. Here are a some good places to start!

  • NPR has a variety of daily, weekly, and periodical email newsletters covering topics from politics and money to race and identity. 
  • Ballotpedia's Weekly or Daily Presidential News Briefing helps you keep track of new developments in the presidential race. 
  • The State and Local Tap from Ballotpedia is a weekly newsletter covering state and local news.

Local newspapers are vital to create oversight of local governments. Your local government is responsible for many aspects of your daily life from road repairs and emergency response teams to parks and recreation. Find your local newspaper to get informed!