Georgia Voting Information

Before you vote...

Am I eligible?

There are certain requirements that students must meet in order to vote in the state of Georgia.

Eligibility Requirements

I'm already what?

Voting via Absentee Ballot

Absentee ballots are a great option for any student who cannot vote in person at their designated polling place on Election Day. You can vote from the convenience of your home and avoid lines at your polling station.

How does it work?

Early or Advanced Voting

Early voting allows you to vote in-person within a range of dates before the actual general election date.

How does it work?

Voting on Election Day

On election day you can vote at your designated polling place from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. 

How does it work?

Something went wrong...

Election Protection

If you feel your voting rights have been violated, do not wait! Call the Election Protection hotline at (866) 687-8683.

I cast a provisional ballot

There are several reasons for casting a provision ballot, some of which include not presenting a valid form of identification or attempting to vote at the wrong precinct. In Georgia, you can check your provisional ballot status at the Georgia My Voter Page. Typically, your vote will only be counted if the problem is resolved within three days of casting the provisional ballot. Contact the Georgia Office of Secretary of State in the State Elections Division at (888) 265-1115​ with any questions.

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