About VoterTech

What is VoterTech?

This website is maintained by students in the VoterTech Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) to be the hub for non-partisan voting information for students. VoterTech VIP is not affiliated with any political party. The VoterTech VIP investigates factors that affect voter turnout among college students and develops technologies to facilitate:

  • Voter registration
  • Transportation to the Polls on Election Day or for Early Voting (via ride sharing)
  • Early and Absentee Voting
  • Reporting of Voting Irregulaties. 

Who's currently in VoterTech?

We have many dedicated students and faculty members who work hard on the VoterTech team. Here are the current members:


  • Dr. Richard Barke (IAC/PUBP)
  • Dr. Christopher Le Dantec (IAC/CoC)
  • Recha Reid (Provost/OUE)
  • Nicole Leonard, MBA (GT Honors Program)
  • Dr. Jennifer Leavey (CoS)


  • Alex Baldwin
  • Dhavan Patel
  • Ethan Haarer
  • Granger West
  • Graysen De Jong
  • Hailey Park
  • Imiri David
  • Isabel Knofczynski
  • Jane Fan
  • Jinwoo Park
  • Kyle Smith
  • Rohan Edara
  • Ruston Shome
  • Sana Baig
  • Smita Mohindra
  • Sonia Doshi
  • Valeria Lopez
  • Varun Hegde
  • Yash Talwar
  • Zach Johnson

Learn more about us!

Follow our team's progress on our Wiki: https://vip.gatech.edu/wiki/index.php/VoterTech

Interact with us on social media:

  • Instagram: @gtvotertech
  • Facebook: @VoterTechGT
  • Reddit: u/VoterTechGT

Let us know what you need! If you have questions about making your plan to vote or would like us to add any additional resources to the website, send us an email at votertech@gatech.edu!

Register to vote, request an absentee ballot, get educated about the candidates on your ballot, and make a plan to vote with the information provided on this website, having read and understood our disclaimer.